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Dundas & Wilson

Our Banking & Financial Services teams and our Projects teams, working together for our clients, deliver deep knowledge and specialism in the field of public sector finance and, in particular, we are ranked by Partnerships UK in the Top 10 of UK law firms advising in the PFI/PPP market.

The strengths of our practice are:

  • a PFI/PPP business that advises government, private sector bidders, and private finance providers, so that we have a rounded knowledge of the issues facing all the key players in the delivery of public infrastructure assets throughout the UK;
  • some deep specialisms, such as in the transport, water, education and health sectors, that mean we understand government policies and priorities and the issues faced by the private sector in responding effectively;
  • knowledge of both central and local government requirements, including agencies and other public bodies, and of public funding solutions such as prudential borrowing, grant provision, and equivalent structures;
  • an understanding of key legal issues for private sector funders in dealing with governmental bodies, such as vires problems and credit issues, and licensing/consenting requirements, coupled with a "can do" attitude in overcoming any difficulties; and
  • expert knowledge of relevant procurement processes and rules, and of state aid constraints.

We align ourselves with the clear need to demonstrate best value and to provide a clear audit trail of the process of government decision making and of the use of public funds. Our expertise is available across the UK for the benefit of public and private sectors alike.

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