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Why Persons Living with Parkinson’s Need a Lawyer’s Help and Expertise in Disability Benefits

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Why Persons Living with Parkinson’s Need a Lawyer’s Help and Expertise in Disability Benefits

Globally, the number of people Living with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is around 10 million. The number improves significantly considering that more than 60,000 Americans are freshly diagnosed with it in the US each year. The disease tends to affect more men than women. However, it is sad that most patients do not even realize their rights. A good number of people living with PD do not appreciate that they are entitled to disability benefits.

The lack of awareness is proof that the patients need legal representation.

Reason for Eligibility

Parkinson’s – being the degenerative disease that it is – renders the central nervous system incapable of functioning optimally. Any person with a condition that causes any form of impairment qualifies for the disability benefits. Sadly, people living with PD may not even be aware that they are suffering when help is nearby. Since Parkinson’s Disease is a neurological disorder. People diagnosed with neurological disorders are eligible for the benefits.

Other neurological disorders that qualify for the benefits include:
– Multiple sclerosis
– Cerebral palsy
– Epilepsy

Contact Lawyers Urgently

Your lawyer can explain everything to you. Any person who has not been receiving the benefits should contact a lawyer as a matter of urgency. As your lawyer will tell you, it is important to maintain an accurate record of all your symptoms. Diagnosing this disease often relies on the presence of some symptoms. Also, do not forget to see a specialist. A neurologist is the best professional to consult on such issues. The purpose of visiting the neurologist is to get a confirmation diagnosis.

Keep Accurate Records

More importantly, you also need to maintain a record of how the emerging symptoms affected your ability to work. It is hard for people living with this condition to continue being as productive as they once were. Hire lawyers who specialize in handling cases related to Parkinson’s Disease. Otherwise, the patient might also develop depression from the inability to work, earn money, pay bills, and provide for loved ones.

Most patients fall in the 50-60 years age group. However, the disease also occurs in younger individuals, though not at the same rate as the seniors. Once Parkinson’s Disease sets in, all that the patients and their families can do is to learn to manage the symptoms. Nothing can happen to disrupt the path the disease has taken. It is good to see a lawyer as soon as possible after the diagnosis. S/he will help you understand the rights and benefits you are eligible for. A lawyer can also help you put your estate in order if the disease is severely affecting your ability to administer your estate.

Fighting for Your Rights

The lawyer will fight for your rights and help you organize everything while your cognitive abilities are still good enough. Leaving everything until late in the day before consulting the lawyer could be disastrous.
Therefore, visit the lawyers today. Look for lawyers who understand the importance of privacy and appreciate the trauma and stress that people living with PD face on a daily basis. Do not forget that a small window of opportunity exists. The situation could deteriorate at a faster rate than anybody ever imagined within 2-3 years after the first symptoms appear. The situation is different with each patient.

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