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Obligatory destinations for lovers of the motor world

Today we present you with 8 obligatory destinations for all motor enthusiasts. In our list we have included 5 places and 3 races that stand out for their history, exclusivity or dangerousness and that have become emblematic over the years.

Some offer circuit driving courses while others witness historic or wild races. If yours are the cars in this post we give you some ideas in case one day you decide to embark on a journey in search of high revolutions.

Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is possibly the most exciting motorsport event on the planet. The race has been held since 1929 and takes place in the Principality of Monaco, that small state known to be one of those places where the great fortunes of half the world reside.

The race is part of the Formula 1 world circuit and is one of the few urban tracks that still exist today. If each year’s single television broadcast has become a classic worth seeing, enjoying live and watching the single-seaters wandering the winding streets of Monaco is a unique experience that every motor enthusiast should live.

In Monaco every curve is legendary, the Plaza del Casino, the tunnel, the port chicane and in general the glamour that generates the great prize are inimitable.

Cost of entry: Tickets are expected to have a high cost, for the day of the race a locality can range between 360 and 600 euros depending on the area. The cost of a ticket for the classification and day of the race on a terrace overlooking the circuit in the purest Monaco style can cost us up to 2,500 euros.

How to get there: To travel to Monaco there are many alternatives, the city is well connected with the rest of France. Perhaps the best option is to reach Nice by plane, train or bus and once there travel to Monaco which is a short distance from Nice.

Lamborghini Museum, Sant’Agata Bolognese

The village of Sant’Agata Bolognese may not say much to many, but in this small town of 6,500 inhabitants in the province of Bologna, is one of the international meccas for supercar lovers. Lamborghini offers guided tours of its museum and the factory from which the powerful supercars come out.

In the museum one can see all the models of the wild bull brand and review its emblematic history. The roads in the area are known to be the testing ground for the Lamborghini test pilots, roads that are popularly referred to as the Lamborghini highways.

Right in front of the museum you can finish off the experience with the rental company Bullbar, with which it is possible to rent a Lamborghini for a short walk of between 30 minutes and 1 hour duration, a good adrenaline shot but always under the supervision of a co-driver. Undoubtedly the village of Sant’Agata is a theme park and an obligatory destination for fans of high revolutions.

Cost of admission: The price of a visit to the Lamborghini Museum is 13 euros, the price of a visit to the museum + factory is 40 euros. Both by prior reservation.

How to get there: To get to the Lamborghini complex the best option is to travel to Bologna which is perfectly communicated with the rest of the country, for example there is the train line from Rome to Bologna which covers the distance in just 2 hours, it is not as fast as a Lamborghini but cheaper. Once there the distance to Sant’Agata is 36 kilometers.

Ferrari Museum, Maranello

Italy is undoubtedly the land of the supercars, the most spectacular and beautiful cars in the world come out of the country. A curious fact is that the base of operations of the two most important manufacturers, Lamborghini and Ferrari, are only 30 kilometers away.

Ferrari is perhaps the world’s best-known supercar builder and has its headquarters in Maranello that opens its doors wide for all brand lovers who want to know what they are hiding behind the walls of its historic building.

The history of the cavallino is so extensive that it is difficult to retain it all in a museum, prototypes, classics and models of the Formula 1 world championship are some of the highlights of the Ferrari museum. But like in Santa Agata, here you can also rent a Ferrari because there are many companies that offer these services that fulfill every weekend the dreams of many motor enthusiasts.

In the surrounding area is also the Modena route, which offers driving courses in circuit.

Cost of admission: 16 euros, which includes a visit to the museum and the Modena route which also offers driving courses on the circuit.

How to get there: The best way to get to Ferrari is from Modena. A train from Bologna to Modena operated by trenitalia is available for less than 4 euros.

Tourist Trophy, Isle of Man

The Tourist Trophy is the most spectacular and dangerous motorcycle race in the world and takes place on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea. This historic motorcycling event has been going on since 1907 and since then the dangerous route across the island has claimed around 200 lives.

The pilots reach speeds of up to 320 kilometres per hour, often passing within a few centimetres of the audience. There are several categories, including Superstock and Supersport.

Undoubtedly the Tourist Trophy can be considered as one of the greatest shows for lovers of the world of racing and motor in general and an important fact to know is that the drivers who participate in the Tourist Trophy, are crazy.

Cost of the entrance: The access to the circuit has a cost of 5 pounds, about 8 euros and there are also sold packs of lodging + entrance for the days that the race lasts and that have a cost around 400 euros.

How To Get There: The best option is to arrive by ferry from Liverpool, Dublin or Belfast. You can also arrive by plane from London.

Classic Remise Berlin

This is one of the most complete car museums in Europe and is located in Berlin, hidden on the outskirts in the district of Charlottenburg.

In classic remise one can spend hours between cars that can rarely be seen on the streets of cities, the site is something like a garage, a workshop, a place to buy and sell exclusive vehicles, and a meeting place for all motor enthusiasts, owners or not.

Classic remise is not the typical club of rich people who gather to do business while talking about their cars, this is a museum where cars are worshipped, something like the paradise of motor lovers.

Here you can see all kinds of sports cars, of all brands and from all periods, in total about 400 cars whose value is incalculable. The most interesting thing of all is that the entrance is completely free, so it makes this magical place a must that can put the finishing touch to a getaway to Berlin.

Entrance fee: Entrance is free, but a guided tour is available for groups of 30 people at a price of 90 euros.

How to get there: Berlin is today one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, you can travel to Berlin from Madrid or Barcelona by plane, train and bus, which is the cheapest option. To get to Classic Remise you can get there by metro with the u7 line.

Nürburgring Nordschleife Circuit

This is the longest racing circuit in the world and it is also one of the most dangerous. Inaugurated in 1927, the Nürburgring Nordschleife is also known to motor enthusiasts as green hell and has a length of 26 kilometres, a total of 40 left-hand bends, 50 right-hand bends and a height difference of 300 metres along the track.

The circuit has the reputation of being one of the most difficult and feared circuits in the world and best of all it is open to the public, really a gift that only the Germans could give us. You can visit the circuit and travel as many times as you want with one of the driving courses in circuit or until the body and the car hold rather well.

Nürburgring is a kind of theme park, a paradise with curves where you can test your driving skills. Here there are also a lot of companies that rent all kinds of vehicles specially prepared to run, prices vary depending on the model we choose, as always everything depends on the money you want to spend.

Cost of entry: The price per lap is 27 euros. Renting Suzuki Swift adapted for running costs about 300 euros. Renting a Ferrari 458 for 6 laps costs about 2700 euros. Both options include accident insurance.

How to get there: There are several alternatives to get on the circuit. The cheapest option is to travel to Cologne and once there to travel to the circuit which is about 80 kilometers.

24 Hours of Le Mans

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is the most prestigious endurance event in the world and has been running for 92 years in a row, making it the oldest race in Europe. The race takes place on the 13-kilometre Sarthe circuit in Le Mans, some 200 kilometres south of Paris.

There are some 50 super sports cars and cars ready to cover as much distance as possible in 24 hours. This race, which may not be too exciting, is special because of the atmosphere that is breathed throughout the week of the race and is an important event for the motor industry as many of the advances and technologies applied to overcome this race are then used in street models.

Each year more than 260,000 people come to camp in the surrounding area, there are concerts, a Ferris wheel is mounted, food and drink stalls everywhere and a long etcetera, basically a whole party around a race that could be considered as the Dew of motoring.

Cost of entry: the cost of entry depends on the days, 1 entry to the circuit for the whole week costs about 60 euros. If on the day of the race you want to have access to the paddock and the pit lane the tickets cost from 360 euros.

How to get there: The best alternative to get there is the TGV train from Paris to Le Mans. There are also trains from all major locations in France, such as Nantes, Lille or Lyon. You can also get there from London in about 4.5 hours.

Geneva International Exhibition

The Geneva Motor Show is the most important motor show in Europe and is the preferred place for car manufacturers to present their new models, concept cars and prototypes for the future to the public and to the specialised press. In short, it is an event where all the cars that we will see in the coming years on the roads come together at the same time.

The Geneva show has been held since 1923, or at least that was the first show held with a photographic record. Cars, cars and more cars, during the week the show lasts there is no other word. In Geneva thousands of models have been presented throughout its history, and many times the success or not of a particular model can be guessed after the impressions generated in the show.

The event has an open door policy for everyone and is complemented by manufacturers’ conferences, celebrity attendance, Formula 1 pilots, exhibitions and many side events.

Cost of the entrance: The adult entrance for the whole day costs 16 euros. They can be purchased at the ticket offices at the entrance of the salon.

How to get there: The best option to travel to Geneva is by plane. Every day there are direct flights to Geneva from Madrid and Barcelona. You can also get there easily and cheaper by train and bus.

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