All about tires for drifting

Drifting tires: What is it?

Drifting is a sport that requires the driver to drive at a relatively high speed when turning, allowing the tyres to slide sideways as far as possible.

This sport is completely ruthless, and normal tyres have no place in drifting. That’s why the world invented special drifting tyres that are constantly being improved.

The best drifting tyres usually have small and almost smooth tread patterns, with wide grooves, a quality construction with hard vulcanized rubber that gives strength and durability.

When drifting becomes a daily activity, for riders like you and I, conventional tires will only reduce efficiency and will be wiped out in a flash. That’s why every drifter needs specially designed tires for drifting.

Drifting tires are unique and exclusive, and they are not so hard to find, but here to get the best tire which will give the maximum productivity and durability – hard work. Stay with us to find out about our five favorites.

Which autorubber should I use for drifting?

Not everyday, that’s for sure. Generally speaking, it is necessary to pay attention to the front tyres with wide and aggressive tread pattern. Usually they have V-shaped shapes with wide and deep grooves and blades.

The middle section is usually modified to withstand more pressure and to maintain complete immunity to fire and thermal damage. Side walls are usually reinforced to provide a stronger grip on the coating and reduce friction.

Rear tires, i.e. those that are actually responsible for the drift itself, usually have a smaller tread, or sometimes do without it at all. This contributes to easy maneuverability, reduces friction and heat and leaves less rubber residue on the asphalt.

In addition to the tread pattern, durability also plays an important role. Drifting causes a lot of damage to the tyre material. Make sure that the rubber you are using is specialized to withstand stress and pressure and will not be subject to combustion.

How to find the size of tires for drifting?

Any size that fits your vehicle will work. But for a first-class manoeuvre, larger and lower profile tyres are best. Drifters need wider tyres because they promise better grip and a larger surface area.

This would be an ideal choice for users who want to keep their car more balanced and stable. As for low profile tyres, they reduce the force required by the vehicle to create the torque that drives these tyres.

In addition, drifting tyres usually need to be optimized to meet your needs. If you are looking for higher acceleration, narrower and smaller tyres will work best. However, in order to get the maximum speed, you need taller tires, the efficiency of which is much higher than the others.

It is also important that your tyres fit your car. Do not buy tyres that are good for drifting, but bad for other maneuvers. In general, look for the tires you like to drive best.

Does drifting have such a bad effect on rubber?

Drifting is destructive for tyres, especially for tread patterns and rubber characteristics. Drifting ensures that the tread pattern and groove depth are worn quickly.

This is why tyres with small grooves must be purchased to reduce friction and excessive resistance. Drift is a maneuver that causes the tyres to overheat and then the tyres can melt or burst.

Tyres made of heat-resistant material are best suited for drifting and are more reliable and safe. As a result, it is best to buy tyres that are specially designed for drifting.

Where can I buy a specialized drifting rubber?

Searching for drift tyres on the Internet should be easy enough. There are hundreds of websites and brands that sell both used and new drift tires.

However, the real problem is finding a good brand. We understand that when you spend a lot of time and money on something, you want it to be of excellent quality.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top five tire brands for your convenience.

Falken tires for drifting:

Falken Tyres has been on the market since 1983, and they have certainly not wasted 35 years of their existence. Falken Tyres means growth, continuous development, quality and modernity. Falken Drifting Tyres is characterised by an excellent tread pattern, which requires a lot of time and work to wear out. Their technology is incredibly innovative and production is improving day by day.

Federal drifting tires:

Federal Tyres is twenty times better than any tire we’ve seen on the market and you’ll soon know why. These tyres are more stable and sturdy because the side walls are rigid and sturdy.

The tread designs are designed to provide maximum performance, in most cases with a V-shaped tread pattern. We love them very much, and we assure you that you will also love them.

Kenda tires for drifting:

Kenda means “born with clean water”, and when it comes to ensuring purity and exclusivity – Kenda Tyres certainly justifies that name. They have a wide collection of tires that can be optimised for intensive drifting. They have extremely unique tread patterns and the strongest grip on the road.

Nexen tires for drifting:

Nexen Tyres are veterans of the internet market, and their 71 years of experience in this field have allowed them to take a leading place in the production of tyres with an impeccable reputation. Their drifting tyre line features wide and linear grooves, deep blades and medium widths, as reliable as their guarantees of durability to ensure your tyre’s performance.

Dunlop tires for drifting:

Of course, how can we keep them? “Dunlop Drifting Tyres may be the only ones we’ve known for a long time, and we have our reasons. The tyres have been designed with unique and refined tread patterns that provide safe and reliable grip and have a material that reduces wear and tear.

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